Would you rather be a good conversation starter game. This unique fantasy game can be a great way to get to know someone or challenge your ethics. The game works by selecting the fate or "this or that game". Funny, hard or flirty / dirty, think about what you want in fat, but it can be difficult to ask good questions. We have prepared the last playlist to continue playing this game all night long.

Funny Would you rather question for parties:

  1. Would you rather have money or gifts for your birthday?
  2. Do you want to go see a movie or dinner alone?
  3. Would you rather talk what you think on your mind or be silent?
  4. Would you rather like to have a conversation in text or on call?
  5. Do you read a big book or do you see a good image?
  6. Are you the most popular person to work or replace a school or a smart person?
  7. Do you want to stop the war or to finish the hunger of the world?
  8. Would you like to spend a night in a luxury hotel or camp in the surrounding area?
  9. Do you want to explore the space or the ocean?
  10. Would you rather dive to the deep sea or try bungee jumping?
  11. Would you rather be a child in your entire life or in your teenage life?
  12. Would you rather want to go on a trip with your wife or with your friends?
  13. Would you rather lose your car or cell phone?
  14. Do you want to eat the Jellyfish or octopus?
  15. Would you have x-rayed visions or the ability to teleport?
  16. Would you rather have 3 feet or 3 hands?
  17. Would you rather wear a weird outfit or a night dress to an official meeting?
  18. Would you lose your taste or smell?
  19.  Would you rather live in space or under the deep sea all alone?
  20. Can you stay silent, with uncontrolled gas or sneezing or loud and uncontrollable during your life?
  21. Would you rather have the super power to freeze time or become invisible?
  22. Can you live without music or television?
  23. Would you rather want to know how you are going to die or when you are going to die?
  24. Do you like the work of your dreams or did you see your true love?
  25. Do you take a bear or a crocodile?
  26. Do you want to talk about poems or inspiration?
  27. Would you rather quit your favorite food for a month or using mobile for a month?
  28. Would you rather lose all your teeth or have no nose?
  29. Would you rather leave your friends for your family or leave your family for your friends?
  30. Are you worthy to read in people's minds or to love two people?

Try this question with your favorite ones and have some fun.

source:  https://wouldurather.me/